Wednesday, 29 February 2012


After analysing different magazines and noticing they approached things in different ways, I decided I wanted to include aspects of both Kerrang! and Q. The masthead is across the top because I preferred this look rather than what Q does, but I want the hooks to be presented in an organised way which is why they are down the sides rather than being splattered all over the page.


My contents page is organised, like my style model Q. It does not keep Q’s format, but it does have a sense of sophistication to it rather than the messy and creative look Kerrang! goes for. However I do want to use destructive and interesting fonts in the way Kerrang! does.

Having one photo taking up half of the page is something a lot of magazines do and I have seen it a lot when reading magazines myself – it represents the importance of the person and how this is all about them. The photo I use to do this I want it to represent how this person is feeling, whether it is now or something that may have happened to them in the past. Breaking the text with quotes makes it look more attractive and people may be more willing to read it, and the quotes I plan on using will be funny/dramatic ones which get the reader thinking ‘what is that all about, I want to read this’.

The second part of my article is another double page. I want to include many photos to make the article seem more appealing; people do not want to read a whole block of text so adding things such as quotes and photos does this. The photos will be a range of different types to keep the feeling of interest. The article itself will also be interesting and typically one where something traumatic or an event which everyone knows about has happened in their lives. This is something that is usually seen in a magazine article because it sells.

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