Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Article Plan

I want my article to be in the form of an interview, with the main topic being how Slamdunkk split up and now she is going solo with her career.

The headline of the article will be a quote from from article itself. The questions I will ask will be based around the situation presented, that is why they split and how she feels about it. I want to ask things like who's idea was it and how did she deal with it. This is because in real interviews they ask all sorts of questions about situations that have happened to this person, in this case it is about a split and magazines like to know the story behind what the media have actually presented.

I plan to also ask questions about her personal life, who she is dating at the moment and if rumours of relationships are true. Then the final set of questions will be about her future, and the new album and what she plans to do, things like a tour etc. Finally there is usually some sort of heroic act they have included within an interview so that is why I want to write about how she saved an old person from a mugging. This is the overall general plan of my article, which will be gain more and more detail as time passes.

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