Tuesday, 8 November 2011

First magazine cover/contents

For the front cover of the magazine I have used a plain colour for the background to emphasise the images and colours of the text. I used white as the colour of the title as it stands out well against the colour of the background. Because it is a school magazine, I used the school logo along with the school name as the title of the magazine. For the main image I used a photo of a sixth form pupil, which is a medium shot, while in the corner there are two sixth form pupils holding their exam results, which relates to an article within the magazine. However I am not pleased how they look disproportional to the rest of the cover. For article titles I used a variety of colours to make it stand out more to the audience who will read this magazine. The overall cover I think is quite simple, which can be effective.

For the contents page I tried to keep it simple and to the point. Again the background is just a plain colour, the same as the front cover so the colour scheme flows throughout. The title is in the same colour and font as it is on the front cover, again this keeps the colour scheme flowing. I used the same colour for each page number, and the same colour for each article title, this is to keep it simple. Near the bottom of the page I filled it with images that reflect the article titles. For example there is an article on the new school build, so I added images of the progress that is being made which is relevant to that particular article.

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